MyRAP is a self-management tool to support people in taking control over their own well being and recovery.

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MyRAP is the work of a multi agency group whose aim was to produce a self-management tool to support people in taking control over their own wellbeing and recovery. The belief that self-management tools should be readily available and easily accessible was an important driver in the development of MyRAP.

Through the work of the Rights, Relationships and Recovery, The Review of Mental Health Nursing in Scotland (Scottish Executive, 2006) a need was identified to develop and evidence values and recovery focused care which lead to improvements in outcomes for service users, carers and staff.

This work was supported by the 10 Essential Shared Capabilities learning materials developed by NHS Education for Scotland together with the NHSQIS Best Practice Statement for Admission to Adult Mental Health Inpatient Services 2009.

The group considered what was already available and identified the most influential. Nationally, there is the Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP) from Scottish Recovery Network and, locally, the Shared Action Recovery Plans (SARP) developed in Monklands Hospital adult mental heath inpatient wards. Collaborative working resulted in the production of the My Recovery Action Plan (MyRAP) booklet which is now available. The content and format has been agreed by the multi agency group following consultation with a wide representation of service users, carers and staff. Illustrations from service users who attend the Clydesdale Resource Network Photography Group and quotes from Lanarkshire Links Song Writers and Lyrics Club have been included throughout the booklet to inspire and instill hope.

We believe MyRAP is an effective example of partnership working between service users and carers towards a common goal. The development of MyRAP supports and evidences the delivery of recovery focused care that can make a difference by empowering and enabling people in managing their lifestyle and well-being. The tool is available in hard copy and is also available to download.

My Recovery Action Plan (MyRAP) Evaluation

My Recovery Action Plan (MyRAP) Evaluation

Initial Evaluation Report of MyRAP carried out in 2011. Includes feedback from service users and service providers from various disciplines and locations.

MyRAP Facilitation Guide

MyRAP Facilitation Guide

This is a guide to facilitate the introduction of MyRAP to a small group of people. This includes looking at the benefits of self-help / self-management and encouraging reflection and learning.

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