See Me

See Me is Scotland's Programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.


The See Me programme was re-launched at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow yesterday, urging people to take action against mental health stigma and discrimination in all walks of life including at work, education and healthcare. Lanarkshire Recovery Network proudly supports the See Me vision and Lanarkshire was well represented at the launch which included performances from SoundSational, Theatre Nemo and the Lanarkshire African Association for Mental Health. 

Judith Robertson, See Me programme director, said: "We are launching a campaign which signals the end of a culture in Scotland that actively discriminates against people with mental health problems, stigmatising them and their families".


"The See Me Movement for Change is for all of us who are passionate about ending mental health stigma and discrimination. It's led by those with lived experience of discrimination and those who care about injustice and equal rights in society. The movement brings together people from all over Scotland and beyond. Together we will change discrimination at its roots. Out united and powerful voice will change negative behaviour towards those with mental health problems. We simply want understanding and equality so that people who experience poor mental health have the same opportunities as others to lead a fulfilled life."

Visit and find out how you can take action against mental health discrimination.